Dingo Dog Brewing Company is a nano brewery operating on PlowGirl Farm, outside of Carrboro, NC. Founded as a non-profit brewing concern, Dingo Dog produces beverages using produce grown onsite in a "zero waste" production facility, and will use profits to fund grants to no-kill animal rescue organizations in North Carolina. 



Beer Lineup

Our special brews are divided into different series based loosely on the seasons - click on a series name to find out what's brewing! Please note that we may not make every beer every year and we do love to make one-offs from time to time.

Saving lives, one beer at a time. 

A simple motto and a simple mission. Dingo Dog Brewing Company will use its sales as a force for good. By funding charitable grants to local groups, we hope to strengthen our community and enrich the lives of people and animals alike.

Our Story: 

Tim Schwarzauer grew up in Jackson, MS. In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, wreaking untold havoc, property damage and death. Tim and his family became actively involved in helping national animal rescue groups bring strays and abandoned pets from the worst hit areas to a temporary shelter at the state fairgrounds, in Jackson. Many of the pets were reunited with their families. Many more were not. 

The national groups eventually moved on. Volunteers went home, or moved to the next need. Tim's family founded the Animal Rescue Fund of MS, a non-profit, "no-kill" animal sanctuary. What began as a Katrina-related rescue has since grown into one of the largest "no-kill" sanctuaries in Mississippi. 

After college, Tim moved to North Carolina and fell head over heels in love with the state and its craft beer scene. He and Billy Gagon began brewing together, and after a successful brewing competition and a lot of encouragement from friends and families, they decided to combine their passion for good beer and animal rescue. Thus, Dingo Dog Brewing was born. 


Dingo (~1999-2019) was the founder of Dingo Dog Brewing Company and brewer-emeritus.

He inspired many people - including us to open Dingo Dog Brewing for the sole purpose of providing for rescue animals, and he will be missed by all. While there is an emptiness in our hearts that will never be filled, we take comfort in his long, happy, and often times absurd life, and the fact that his memory will live on through our work at the brewery and the lives that, with your support, we will help save.


Tim Schwarzauer is Suzie's live-in butler. He enjoys long walks on the beach,  and hates fantasy football (mostly because it hates him.)


Billy Gagon is the head brewer and taste tester at Dingo Dog Brewing. He is a fan of cats, dark beers, and the Denver Broncos. 

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